At StyleHouse, our goal is to ensure that we fuse the clients’ requirements and desires while maintaining space functionality, safety, and beauty tailored to the clients’ budget.

Why Hire an interior designer ?

When hiring a well skilled designer, you can rest assured that you made the right decision. 

Designing your dream home IS important; even if you are sure of what you want, and you think you do not NEED HELP, your interior designer tend to minimize any miscommunication issues between you and your workers/contractor. Thus,  can help you to avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you SAVE money but can increase the value of your home. 

You will sure spend a lot on your Dream House .

Hiring a designer will be the least , yet, greatest investment In bringing your dream space to life.

Design fees average 5-10% of any project budget.  Is the other 90-95% worth risking without a professional designer?


Our Interior Design Services Includes

  • Determine clients’ requirements and wishes for the project
  • Study the optimum use of space and flow of movement
  • Sketch preliminary design plans based on CAD measurements
  • Specify materials required for finishing of the different spaces
  • Furniture Layout Proposal
  • Mood Boards
  • Interior Concept development
  • Prepare AutoCAD plans for the following:
  • Architectural Modifications
  • Electrical Layout Plan
  • Ceiling designs
  • Floor designs
  • Plumbing Details Modifications
  • AC & Heating Location Proposals
  • Floor patterns and finishes
  • Internal and External Door designs
  • Cornice, columns, and archways
  • Staircase design
  • Decorative elements details: such as paneling, openings, and alcoves
  • Selected elevations for feature walls when needed
  • Choosing and shopping for different finishing materials (floors, bathroom products, and other hard finish materials)
  • Present overall theme for the  project including:
    • Wall treatments
      • color choices
      • paint effects
      • wallpapers
      • stone or wood cladding
    • Furniture styling
      • Furniture Selections
      • Fabric coordination for all upholstered items
      • Window Treatments
    • Accessorizing
      • Lighting features
      • Tables
      • Paintings
      • Rugs
      • Plants
      • Decorative items

General Consultations & styling

(design advising & consultation with a certified designer.)

  • Site Preview & assessment visit plus taking as built measurements& hand-sketched layout
  • Site Preview & assessment visit (without measurements) & hand-sketched layout
  •  Furniture hand-sketched layout based on pictures sent by customer ( no visit)
  • Complete Mood Board for one room (20 squared meter) 

Kindly Contact us for offers, and updated fees & prices